Wednesday, March 12, 2003  

At the Grocery

A Whole Foods opened down the street from me this morning. I went over during my lunch break to check it out and buy some cheese for the Fondue Cheese Fest tonight with the girls. Wow - what an incredible grocery store! I just walked around and looked at all the produce, everything looked so beautiful.

I'm particularly excited about Whole Foods because it's so close to our place but we are actually pretty lucky here in Atlanta, we have several great grocery stores, in addition to the usual Publix and Kroger, etc. We have several international markets, like the gigantic Dekalb Farmer's Market and a few chichi places like Star Provisions and Alon's.

But the one I find the most interesting is Eatzi's in Buckhead. It is a tiny store but is filled with all sorts of beautiful and expensive goodies. And it is always packed with shoppers, even with the crazy prices. But I'm on to Eatzi's, I've figured out their secret. They play opera music throughout the store, nothing but opera. And you just get caught up in the moment, waking around with your basket and swooning to the beautiful music - suddenly, you feel rich and sophisticated! "La la la la LA....Ooo, look arugala is $7 a lb, I'll toss that in! Dum dum dum DUM about some nice free-range chicken at $9 a lb, sure, why not?....La la la!"

Fortunately, they were just playing world music at Whole Foods today, which had zero effect on me. I escaped with only the listed cheeses and a bottle of wine.

| posted by Mary | 3/12/2003 03:50:00 PM
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