Tuesday, March 11, 2003  


I hate plucking my eyebrows. I have a difficult time seeing the tiny little hairs, it kinda hurts and it's one more thing to take care of. Left to their own devices my brows are very thick and unruly, reminiscent of a cavewoman or a young Brooke Shields. (sorry Mom - I know you liked 'em)

I started plucking a few years ago and always hated it. I tried waxing once and liked the result but it's $15 a pop. Ouch! Then I read about threading (ancient Indian art of removing facial hair using something that looks like dental floss) and decided to give that a try. There's an Indian salon in Atlanta that does it for.....$5! Yay! So a few months ago I had them done and was very pleased. All my eyebrow agony was over...threading would change my life.

Then I went to have them done the week of our wedding. I made an appointment with the same lady. I had told her I was getting married, just clean them up a little, nothing dramatic. But when she showed me the mirror I was horrified - one eyebrow was about 1/2 an inch shorter than the other and it had a bald spot in the middle. "Uh, what happened to this one?" I asked (still calm at this point). Eyebrow lady starting rubbing at my eyebrow (ow!) and saying "Not my fault! Is eyebrow! Is way eyebrow is! Not my fault!" I blame it on exhaustion and bridal psychosis but I started crying, there in the eyebrow lady's chair. She was pretty freaked, as was everyone in the salon. She started patting me on the shoulder "Is okay! Look fine. Ask anyone!" and I just nodded pathetically, paid my $5 and left, still crying.

In the car I called Andrew crying over my ruined eyebrow (this was the Wednesday before the wedding) and he came to take me to lunch and cheer me up. I think he was disappointed when he saw me - "What? That's it? It looks fine.... let’s go eat." And after a few hours it did look fine, maybe a little off but certainly nothing to cry over. By the time the wedding came around I didn’t think it looked bad at all.

Now it's been a month since the threading and my eyebrows are in dire need. Can I actually go back to this place? Would I have to wear a disguise? Would they even thread me? If they did, would they ruin my brows? Should I cough up the $15 for waxing? Should I just get over it and revert back to cavewoman brows?

What’s a girl to do?

| posted by Mary | 3/11/2003 01:52:00 PM
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