Wednesday, March 26, 2003  

Flying the Friendly Skies

How could I not blog about this? Katie is now the first person I know to have flown Hooters Air. Yes, Hooter's very own Hooter Plane, complete with two of the "world famous" Hooter Girls on board. No, my friend is not a weirdo-pervert or buffalo wing fanatic, she just knows a great deal when she sees one. $99 round-trip to go see her sweetie up in Myrtle Beach.

Hooters Air is flying to three destinations now: Atlanta, Myrtle Beach and Newark. Katie reported favorably on her trip, in fact, the word "hooterific" was used. There were no buffalo wings but crudités and dip were served instead of the usual pretzel bag. The cabin had leather seats, all with gracious legroom. Two Hooter Girls were on board but "didn't do much" during the flight.

I've never really understood the deal with Hooters anyway. The orange shorts, the suntan pantyhose.....not a good look. And the food, well, that's debatable. Isn't saying you go to Hooters for the wings kind of like saying you read Playboy for the articles? When I was in high school a group of us were on spring break, staying in Panama City, Florida. Picture a car full of 17-year old girls, going out to dinner. We were creeping along the Panama City strip, bumper to bumper traffic. It was taking way too long to get anywhere. No one can agree on a restaurant. My friend at the wheel turns around and says "We. Are. Eating. At. The. Next. Place. We. Come. To." with a glare so frightening we all just sat back and shut up. The next restaurant was a Hooters. And yes, we ate dinner there.

I didn't think the wings were very good.

| posted by Mary | 3/26/2003 04:35:00 PM
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