Friday, March 14, 2003  

Obsessive Living

It's Magazine Day! The new Real Simple is out and already in my hot little hands. More importantly the elusive April/June issue of Budget Living will be on the shelves of Joe Muggs in just a few hours. Yay! How do I know this? I was just shooed away from there on my lunch break, apparently I was the millionth girl to come that day looking for it...."IT'S NOT UNPACKED YET! COME BACK LATER!"

I overhead one counter guy say to the other, "Man, what is it with chicks and that magazine?"

I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed. Leaving the store I started thinking about my current magazine choices and wondering what they it says about me. I used to read Glamour, Marie Claire, Allure, etc. until I realized they were all really the same magazine. I also lost interest in "Keeping Love Hot!" and "Fresh Fall Fashion You've Got to Try!" Now my magazines talk about the best way to clean your bathtub and interesting things to make with old lightbulbs. Does this mean I'm grown up? What's next? Are Good Housekeeping and Ladies' Home Journal subscriptions looming in my future?

| posted by Mary | 3/14/2003 03:43:00 PM
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