Thursday, March 06, 2003  

Reality Television in the Home: The Ugly Truth

I used to never watch alot of TV. I haven't had cable since I was in college and have gotten plenty of guff for it, believe me. Andrew & I talked about it when we got engaged...weighing the pros and cons of cable vs no cable. He would have Sports Center, we wouldn't have to perform weird contortions with the rabbit ears (that's it!!!! hold it, hold it!) when we try to watch CBS...there would definitely be benefits. But for the time being we decided not to and I am so glad - I've realized that I don't know if I could handle it!

I can turn into a zombie when a TV set is on. Lately (I'm blaming it on post-wedding mental exhaustion) I've developed an unnatural affinity for all the reality television shows, even though I know in my heart that 90% of them are despicable. It started innocently enough last summer with "American Idol", which I had a lot of fun watching. Now I've gone through "The Bachelor", "Joe Millionaire", etc right into "American Idol II", "Married By America", "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" (shameful) and whatever that new Arsenio Hall-hosted StarSearch Junior show is called. Ugh, I feel sick just looking at that list. "Married By America" has already caused a rift in our home....Andrew refused to watch it on Monday night and since there's few places to hide in our little apartment he ended up heading to the bathtub with his book, he wouldn't come out until it was over. I know that it's stupid and definitely a waste of my time but I could not turn it off!!! Have I turned into a reality television crackhead?

*(side note to my mom if she's reading this: dont' worry, Andrew will wean me off the TV, we are aready working on a plan. It will be alright. I still remember how to read. Everything will be okay.)

| posted by Mary | 3/06/2003 04:04:00 PM
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