Friday, March 07, 2003  

So, How's Married Life?

This is the most often-asked question now that Andrew & I married. And of course it is because people aren't going to just ignore the fact that you're now married, that would be weird. I know I've asked my married friends the same question. And married life is great, it will be our three-week anniversary tomorrow.


I went to the photo lab just now and as usual I chatted a bit with one of the guys working there, a middle-aged man with a very soft-spoken voice, who is always very sweet whenever I come in. Everyone there knew I had gotten married a few weeks ago so he asked the question - "How's married life?" I answered with my usual response - which goes something like "Oh, it's great. We're having fun, the apartment is a mess, etc, etc." He nodded and said "Is it really different?" Well, a little different, but nothing too strange. "Oh, I didn't know if you were Catholic or anything..." said my sweet, soft-spoken middle-aged guy. Huh? "Well, my wife, when we got married, she's Catholic so you know, that was really different, finally getting to you know, do the wild thing."

Whaaat? Wild Thing? Accckk!!! Too much information! Too much information! I'm defiantly not a prude but I hate this kind of conversation with people you don't really know. You're going along, thinking everything is normal and then someone busts out with something you have no idea how to respond to. Which, I didn't. I gave a feeble "Heh heh. Yeah.... Okay, have a good weekend!" and hightailed it out the door.

How's married life indeed!

| posted by Mary | 3/07/2003 11:05:00 AM
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