Monday, March 03, 2003  

The Weekend

It was a good one. Friday night we stayed in and tried to pretend we were still in Saint Martin by making some Pina Coladas, even though the weather outside was rainy and cold. We used some of the rum we bought on our honeymoon and it was spit-it-into-the-sink bad. Bad-bad. Project Pina Colada was abandoned and we resorted to just drinking beer and eating the maraschino cherry garnishes out of the jar.

Saturday was shopping and cleaning and meeting Nat & Greg out for drinks that night. We stayed out until 1:30 (yes, in the morning!) which was quite a feat for us since we have been totally exhausted ever since the wedding. Had a great time and were proud of ourselves for being up past 10:30 pm.

Of course, we came out swinging at the start of the night, we were determined that we wouldn’t become one of those lame married couples (saving that for when we have kids – hah!). So many friends seem to get married and drop off the face of the earth. No more dinners out, drinks with the gang, etc.

Going through our wallets the next afternoon we came to a shocking realization –um, going out is expensive!! Suddenly, I was thinking of all the things we are saving money for – buying a house, furniture, etc. No wonder the “marrieds” would never do anything, they were trying to buy a new coffee table, for Pete’s sake!

So now we’re trying to think of ways to have fun but not spend $8 on a gin & tonic. Cheap pitchers of beer and pizza seem to be a good option. So does staying at home. Anyone up for coming to our place for drinks this weekend? I bet after you get through the first couple of sips that rum wouldn’t be too bad.

| posted by Mary | 3/03/2003 02:21:00 PM
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