Monday, March 24, 2003  

The Weekend

It was a perfect lazy weekend, just spending time around the house. Rented some movies, caught up a few things, including some sleep. Last night we flipped back and forth from the UK basketball game to the Oscars coverage....I hung in there until 10:30 and then gave up.

Everything is in bloom here and it is so gorgeous. The cherry trees in Piedmont Park are especially nice and I am SO tempted to sneak out (under the cover of night?) with my shears and snip just a tiny branch to put in a vase at home. That's all I need, just a little bit of springtime. I have no yard to go out and forage in. It is probably wrong to clip greenery from the public park.....trying to ignore this fact. I'm a tax-payer, doesn't that mean anything?

| posted by Mary | 3/24/2003 12:28:00 PM
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