Tuesday, April 08, 2003  

I'll just die if I don't get this recipe......

The other night we rented "The Stepford Wives", one of my favorite movies that I hadn't watched in ages. Andrew had never seen it before and I really wanted him to. I had watched the movie with my mom when I was maybe 14 or 15 and it had left a lasting impression on me, it really freaked me out! Andrew wasn't quite as impressed with it so I stayed up by myself last night, watching it to the end. Ooooh, the part at the end still gets me, every time!

I was trying to remember what year the movie came out (1975) so I searched online and found that....oh no!....a Stepford Wives remake is in the works!!! Noooooo! Why does Hollywood always have to tamper with perfection? What next, a "Casablanca" remake, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and J. Lo?

And the main character, Joanna Eberhart, is to be played by Nicole Kidman! Okay, so she was good in "The Hours". But I can't imagine anyone portraying this character better than my beloved Katherine Ross. And sure, they are some other good actors cast in the remake, including John Cusack, Joan Cusack and the ultra creepy Christopher Walken. I'll admit, I'm curious and I'm sure I'll go see the movie.

But I won't like it!

| posted by Mary | 4/08/2003 06:40:00 PM
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