Monday, April 28, 2003  

Play That Funky Music.

I bought an mp3 player over the weekend, encouraged by the (deluded) idea that having music to listen to will make me more likely to run. Andrew and I are trying to get ready for the Peachtree Road Race, a doomed event that is coming up way too soon, July 4th. We did it last year and it was a lot of fun but whew....we are not in good shape right now. One could even say we are in bad shape.

So, now we both have mp3 players and have convinced ourselves that we will go running in the mornings, spurred on by our music. So, now I'm busy looking for some music to download from Kaaza, something upbeat and motivational. I have realized that most of the "workout type music" that I like is music that I would never admit to liking in my, uh, real life. Stuff that would be on a Jock Jams cd (Pink's "Get This Party Started", "Boom Boom Boom", etc). It's a little embarrassing.

Any running music suggestions, dorky or otherwise, would be appreciated.

| posted by Mary | 4/28/2003 06:14:00 PM
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