Wednesday, April 23, 2003  

Thank you, Thank you very much....

It is with great shame I write this. We have been married for two months now and I still have not finished writing our thank-you notes. It has started to weigh heavily on my shoulders. I come home from work and there is the pile of note cards, waiting for me. And I hate to sound like I'm complaining because all of these people truly deserve warm and wonderful thank-yous, more than a mere note really. Our friends and family were incredibly generous with us and we are way grateful. It is just taking me forever to express that.

I think part of the problem is that I do not want my notes to sound insincere, generic or rushed, I wanted to give a heartfelt expression. This means sitting for 15 minutes, staring into space, chewing on the end of my pen and saying to my husband "What sounds better: great appreciation or sincere gratitude? Should I say "mixing bowl set" or set of mixing bowls?" I tend to fret over word choices.

And the notes that are the hardest ones to write are to my closet friends and family members, people who mean so much to me I would never know how to properly thank them. I feel great pressure to say everything right. Anonymous associates of our parents are somehow much easier. Is that strange?

Back when I was wedding planning I found the hilarious Ettiqute Hell site which features a huge collection of wedding tackiness. Very fun to read. They even have a Thank You Note Hell, where several people wrote in horror tales of receiving thank you notes that were completely pre-printed. Whaaat?!? I couldn't believe this so I started looking online and yep, there are tons of sites selling these. Inexplicably, many even included a wedding photo of the couple. Which would certainly come in handy when you tell your friends the story about the tacky people who sent out preprinted thank-you notes.

How thoughtful.

| posted by Mary | 4/23/2003 05:22:00 PM
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