Thursday, April 24, 2003  

When Good Hair Goes Bad...

I have very thick straight hair, the kind of hair that will not hold a curl. Which has always been fine with me, I like my straightness.

But lately, my hair won't "hold a straight" so to speak. I'm getting these weird lumps and bumps and half-assed waves. Not good pretty waves, like Gisele Bundchen or some other supermodel/goddess. Just...weird waves. Like only on one side of my head.

It’s a growing concern....

Coincidentally I have a tax refund coming soon and lately my thoughts are filled with greedy images of new spring clothes, an mp3 player or maybe....a straightening iron?

I've heard a lot of good things about the Solano Sapphire, which looks a little scary in the picture above. Since it costs almost $100 there ought to be a lot of good things about it. I'm concerned about damaging my hair with a heated iron but I'm also wondering if it would be equal to the amount of time I currently spend with my blow dryer? Could I just wash my hair at night, let it air dry and do it's funky thing all night and then just straighten it all out in the morning?

I’ve been trying to do some research and there are just too many options out there – ceramic plated straigheners, metal straighteners, about a million different brands. Does anyone have any experience/advice with straightening irons? Should I just leave well enough alone and stick with my dryer and flat brush?

Could my hair just be going through a phase? I hope my skin doesn’t decide to act up and join the revolution...

| posted by Mary | 4/24/2003 06:06:00 PM
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