Friday, May 09, 2003  

And All That Jazz.......

I hate it when I get a song stuck in my head. Lisa loaned me the Chicago Soundtrack and I played it over and over again last night, while folding laundry and cleaning up the apartment. Andrew flew to New Jersey yesterday for work so last night I was able to indulge in Secret Single Behavior, all the things I love to do when I'm home alone. Like dancing around the living room with a broom, dressed in a nightshirt and socks, screaming the "Cell Block Tango." You just can't do that when someone else is in the room.

But I digress. This morning I am at work and "And All That Jazz" is playing through my head like it’s on a continuous loop. It's really annoying. While walking down the hall to the restroom I'm overcome with the urge to shuffle, ball-chain, step across the cubicles. I find myself subconsciously shimmying my shoulders while sitting at my desk.

Thankfully I only have thirty minutes left at work for the day. Then I can go home to bop, jump and shimmy and just be my stupid self.

| posted by Mary | 5/09/2003 11:31:00 AM
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