Thursday, May 01, 2003  

Coming out of the Black Hole.

It's been a heckava week. When I started my blog I vowed that I would not write a lot about my job. I didn’t want my blog to become a venting place for workplace griping, moaning, ect.

But what the hey!

I have spent the past two days in mad production mode, putting together materials for a huge presentation. In between cutting boards and spray-mounting photos for eight straight hours I couldn't help about my college coursework and how worthless so many of my PR/Journalism classes were. "Journalism Law"? "Writing for the Media 101"? Please. What about courses that would actually be useful, such as "How to Make Great Really Great Coffee in Your Entry Level Job" (I'm not entry-level anymore but this would have been useful three years ago). Or "Using the X-acto With Losing a Finger." "Surviving Sleep Deprivation 101." Don't get me wrong, I normally enjoy my job but this week has been....ugh.

To top things off I was working on a small side project that involved thousands of copies, copies to be made at our local Kinko's. I loathe Kinko's. In addition to the many work-related gaffes I have experienced there I also (foolishly!) used Kinko's to print the programs for our wedding almost three months ago. I'll skip the details and cut to the chase: I had a psychotic bridal meltdown at Kinko's about four days prior to our wedding. The programs were wrong again. Again! It wasn't my fault - they were asking for it! Suffice it say, I made a total fool of myself.

Now I'm having to go groveling to Kinko's about a work-related rush order and the guy at the counter gives me this look like, "We know about you. Don't even think we're not going to f-up this order." Gulp. I went into full-on suck-up mode and have now compromised my integrity for the sake of a $1,500 copy order.

I feel as though I’ve sold my soul for a box of paper.

| posted by Mary | 5/01/2003 04:14:00 PM
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