Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

Geeked Out.

Had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Got to spend time with my mom at the Decatur Arts Festival. Got to spend time with my friends down at the lake house. And Saturday night, Andrew and I spent quality time with fellow geeks at the Prairie Home Companion Show, broadcast live from the Fox Theater. Andrew & I love Garrison Keillor and try to listen to the show every Sunday afternoon (when it is rebroadcast from the original Saturday night taping).

So we ordered tickets several months ago and were pretty excited about it. And fortunately, the show meet all our expectations. Garrison Keillor was wonderful. My favorite Atlanta performer, Francine Reed, was there, along with humorist Roy Blount Jr and....even more exciting, Fred Newman! Okay, so Fred Newman, a sound effects guy, is a regular on the show but still, I was pretty dang excited. Despite the um, probably 30-35 year age difference, Fred Newman was my first crush, way back when. He is from LaGrange, GA, the town I grew up in and I still remember hearing him perform at the LaGrange Library, back when I was around 7 or 8 years old. Fred Newman was the coolest. He looked like Dick Van Dyke with white hair. He could sound like a dripping faucet, a dogfight, a wailing ambulance, anything! Mom even bought me a copy of his "Zounds" book, with instructions on sounds effects. Hmmm....wished I had had my copy of "Zounds" with me at the Fox on Saturday, to go running up to the stage during intermission screaming "Fred! Fred!! Remember me? You autographed my "Zounds" book 18 years ago! Freeeeed, I love yooooouuu!"

I wonder if sound effects guys have groupies......

| posted by Mary | 5/27/2003 03:47:00 PM
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