Friday, May 23, 2003  

Hey Baby.

Continuing my college nostalgia from yesterday.....I mentioned a Phi Mu shirt featuring one of those Anne Geddes babies. Anne Geddes and her babies were pretty popular with lots of my fellow Phi Mu sisters. But....(secret confession!)....they give me the creeps!!! I don't know....I love babies, I love photography but her work is unnatural and just weirds me out.

I find the "Pure" line (pictured above) to be especially creepy, it is supposed to "celebrate the essence of new life" but I find it much more "capitalize on a newborn." But that's just me.

Speaking of making a buck, I enjoyed the Frequently Asked Questions featured on Geddes' site.

"Where can I find Anne Geddes' baby clothing?"

"How do I purchase certain prints/posters?"

"Where can I purchase the plush doll collection?"

"Where can I buy Anne's books?"

The answer to all these questions is the Anne Geddes' Product Page, of course!!

Apparently, no one else but me is wondering, " Do the babies ever like, totally freak out when you're trying to stuff them in a bumblebee costume and balance them atop an enormous sunflower prop?"

| posted by Mary | 5/23/2003 12:04:00 PM
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