Wednesday, May 28, 2003  

Who am I?

Andrew and I have been married for a little over three months now. Before we got hitched I had already decided that I was going to take his last name. Even though "Mary Watkins" sounds more like a large older woman who plays blues guitar ("Tonight at Smith's Olde Bar: Big Mary Watkins!") than it does a sometimes sweet/sometimes snarky 26 year-old Marketing Coordinator. With no musical talent.

But Big Mary Watkins it is because I'm a traditional gal in some ways and I wanted to feel like a unified couple. Not that you have to change your name to be unified. I don't even want to go into all the feminist/social identity issues that surround name changes. But, I would like to say that it is freakin' difficult! At times I suffer an identity crisis and can't even remember who I am. Like the Sunday morning at church when I introduced myself to an elderly couple as "I'm!! Yes, I'm Mary Watkins!" I laughed and explained that I was recently married but they still looked at me like, "Sure you are. You look just like a Mary Watkins."

Half my mail is coming to a Mary Watkins and half goes to Mary Harris. I haven't changed my social security or driver's license yet (I'm getting to it! soon!) but I've been faltering over what my new name is going to be. I had originally planned to ditch my last name (Harris) and keep my middle name (Elizabeth). Several family members call me Mary Elizabeth and that was actually intended to be my full name until I got to kindergarten and dropped the "Elizabeth" because I was too lazy to write it all. The "Elizabeth" means something to me. But then I started thinking about not having the "Harris" and how I would miss it. Don't ask me why, I'm not sure. Maybe I would be Mary Harris Watkins instead. No hyphen or anything, the "Harris" would just be my little secret, except on forms and legal documents. I applied for a new ATM card at my bank last week (to replace a broken card) and apparently Wachovia has decided on a new name for me as my card now reads "Mary Elizabeth Harris Watkins." Quite a mouthful.

Speaking of names, Scott wears a nametag at all times. Interesting.

| posted by Mary | 5/28/2003 05:38:00 PM
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