Monday, June 16, 2003  

It looked innocent enough on the outside.....

Even though Andrew and I aren't planning to buy a house until late this year/early next year one of our favorite things to do on Sunday afternoons is to drive around in East Point and College Park and look for houses, pick up flyers and the most fun of all - go in open houses. I can't stop thinking about one house we went in yesterday. Built in 1954, it was like stepping into a time tunnel when we walked in the front door. The original owners had lived there until their recent death (their children were selling the house) and it appeared that hardly anything had been changed since 1954. Some of the house was pretty scary, like the tiny wood-paneled bedrooms and the black and pink tile bath. But it held a lot of charm as well. I swooned over the kitchen's original oven, which was bright turquoise with shiny chrome trim and a scalloped turquoise hood. Adorable.

Then we went downstairs to the finished basement. Oh my. It was pretty dusty and cluttered but apparently had been quite the swinging scene back in its prime. The most prominent feature was the huge wet bar, which had geometric shapes dancing across the front, a working sink and fridge, and the formica top was still covered with barware...dusty and tarnished shakers, jiggers, glasses, etc lined up, as if ready for action at any moment. It was awesome. I was standing behind the bar, trying to figure out if we could buy a house just because I liked the oven and the bar when...I spotted this:

Ack! Wha...what the hell is that? Why, it's one of the Dayalets, as featured on James Lileks' Institute of Official Cheer. I had run across this a few months back and had a good laugh over Burger Bill, Faddist Pearl and all the others. If you haven't looked at this before please check out the Dayalets. They are both hilarious and nightmare inducing.

So there was Burger Bill, framed and hanging behind the swinger bar. Why? Why would anyone want to display Burger Bill in their ultra cool basement lounge?

My only guess is Mr. Drencher (the Thirst Quencher) wasn’t available......

| posted by Mary | 6/16/2003 05:34:00 PM
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