Wednesday, June 25, 2003  

The Mystery of the Tattoo.

Sounds like a Nancy Drew title, huh? When I was home for lunch today I saw one of our neighbors, Igor, out lugging rocks and whatnot around his private courtyard. He wasn't wearing a shirt and now I know that Igor has tattoo on one of his forearms, some kind of writing that I couldn't read, I'm guessing in Russian. Igor, who is Russian, is very tall, very thin and the most somber looking man I've ever seen. He lives across the hallway from us, with his French wife and their two children. Igor never smiles, talks, or acknowledges our existence when we see him.

And now the tattoo. It makes Igor seem....mysterious. I'm trying to picture him as a bawdy youth in Russia, maybe out with his Navy buddies, all getting tattoos. Nope, I can't see it. Maybe it's a prison tattoo!

Who knows? But there's something about tattoos that I always find intriguing, especially when they are on people that don't "look like" they would have tattoos. Like an advertising exec from our agency that I meet a few months back. She had a young child, looked completely straight, wasn't really very interesting to talk to, was dressed in standard suit, nude pantyhose, etc. Even had little pearl studs in her ears. But then during our meeting I notice her uncross her ankles and there is a big ole Ahnk tattoo on her ankle. Suddenly, I am curious! Or our former ultra sweet, cutesy-wutsey receptionist who was always Miss Mary Sunshine every morning, I was shocked the first day of spring when she showed up at work in a sleeveless shirt, sporting an enormous elephant on her bicep.

I guess I just think tattoo must have a story and I want to hear it. My own beloved, Andrew, has two tattoos, which I was shocked to discover after we had been dating awhile. When I try to get him to talk about one of them he never says anything other than "I don't know...I just thought it was cool. Quit looking at me like that!" Very mysterious indeed.

Anyone have a tattoo? Tell me about it.....

| posted by Mary | 6/25/2003 05:52:00 PM
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