Monday, July 07, 2003  

Get It Together.

I'm not the most organized person in the world. And lately I've felt like I'm slipping into a paperwork abyss at work. During a catch-up meeting with my boss this morning I voiced my concern of being able to handle all of my day-to-day tasks. He looked over my weekly planner (the style I've always used) and said that I really should consider switching to the Franklin Covey system that he uses. Please keep in mind that I think a lot of my boss and am open to any suggestions he makes. He is a great supervisor and a super-dedicated worker.

But this day planner thing. This is maybe the sixth time he's mentioned it in the two and a half years we've been working together. So maybe I should take the hint and spring for one. After he gave me a very convincing testimonial (think "QVC") on the day planner I decided "Sure, why not? It can't hurt and it should make me look like I'm trying to be organized. Oops. I mean, "It will make me organized!" So I go to the Franklin Covey website and holy cow - these babies aren't cheap! I had better be organized as hell if I'm paying $60 or more for a dang day planner!

And then there is the question of style. Franklin Covey offers a few options - do I want to go traditional with the Original design? Or maybe let my "humorous yet intellectual" side show with The New Yorker style, complete with cartoons. Maybe a little too sophisticated for my blood. The Leadership design, which features inspiring business related quotes and images, might make me puke so I probably shouldn't consider that one. I'm leaning towards Simplicity, which is a bit girlie for my taste, but maybe that's okay. I'm a girl. Perhaps calming words like "rejuvenate" floating across the top of the page would help the workday go smoothly.

All of this just reminds me of the Trapper Keeper I had in fourth grade. It was a simpler time back then......

| posted by Mary | 7/07/2003 06:59:00 PM
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