Friday, July 18, 2003  

Lady Mary & Sea Wolf Watkins

My mom's birthday is coming up soon and I was browsing online for gifts. I can't remember what I typed in to find this but, wow -I have found the gag gift to top all gag gifts. Which one of my girlfriends will be lucky enough to recive her very own Personalized Romance Novel on her next birthday!?!?

Yes, that's right. You supply names and personal details (hair color, eye color, name of "hero", pet's name) and they fill in the blanks to present you with a 160-180 page bound novel. Choose from four themes - 'Medieval Passion', 'Tropical Treasure', 'Love's Next Door' and 'Pirates of Desire." HA! I love it.

Best yet, you can do a "personalized preview" to see what it would turn out like. Here's an excerpt from "Pirates of Desire", starring Mary & Andrew:

The promise of pirate lore kindles the dreams of our strong-willed heroine, Lady Mary, as she and her best friend Natalie, scheme for high seas adventure. But being captured by the notorious pirate captain, Andrew Watkins, is as fiery and unforgiving as the seas themselves. Watkins, also known as 'Sea Wolf', is a handsome rogue and Lady Mary ultimately loses her heart to this rugged pirate.

Chapter Five ... Mary & Andrew - a heated encounter

. . . Mary slapped the coin from his outstretched hand, sending it flying into the shrubbery. “We don’t want your blood money!”
Andrew sighed, his eyes narrowing, then he suddenly reached out and grabbed Mary by her bodice string that, unbeknownst to her, had become untied and hung loosely from her dress. The lace tightened immediately as he pulled her towards him like a dog on a tether. Mary winced with surprise and embarrassment, her blue eyes ablaze.
He leaned close to her, breathing softly in her ear, making Mary almost lose her balance and certainly some sense. He paused just long enough to catch her off guard in anticipation, when he said, “You might want to keep the girls tied up,” and he tightened the lace and tied a knot.
Her face flushed and she slapped him hard on the cheek. Andrew grabbed her by her light brown hair and planted a kiss on her lips, long and sensual. When he released his grip, she was reeling, wild eyed as a scurvy dog

Yep, that's me. Wild-eyed as a scurvy dog.

$35 is a bit steep for a gag gift. But - you can do as many personalized previews as you like. It's a bodice-ripping good time.

| posted by Mary | 7/18/2003 01:47:00 PM
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