Monday, July 21, 2003  


The big news from the weekend is that we bought a 2003 Toyota Tacoma. Andrew's old Honda Accord died on us last Tuesday and we had been sharing my Jeep since then. Wow. I did not realize how dependent I am on my car. Even though I can walk to work and don't really need a car all the time it was still a big inconvenience.

Buying the truck was quite an ordeal. When we pulled out of the Totoya parking lot at 7:30 last night I felt like I'd been through a war. But, hooray - Andrew has reliable transportation and we will have something to haul stuff around in when we have a house, a yard, etc.

Now if only we can afford a house so we'll have a place to haul stuff to and from. Because it seems like that is what you should do with a truck - you haul things.

Until then, we will have to settle for Andrew hauling himself back and forth to work.

| posted by Mary | 7/21/2003 05:56:00 PM
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