Monday, July 14, 2003  

The Weekend.

We had a wonderful time. Jessica is just as sweet as ever and she gets even more fun as she gets older. The speech impediment is still there, as in "Aunt Mwary, wook at the wittle wabbit!" and even though I'm little worried that she'll need speech therapy sure is cute.

We went to the Atlanta Zoo on Friday and that went pretty well, although I think she would have been just as happy going to a park, as she was more into climbing on the rocks and playing with the bamboo than looking at the animals. Oh well......she had fun.

Uncle Andrew came out the house on Saturday morning and the whole family went over to College Park to look at a house (a craftsman bungalow built in 1922) that Andrew and I were interested in. Jess walked through the house saying "It's oooold. It smells kinda funny!" She was right.

Saturday afternoon we went swimming and I exhausted myself giving whales rides and slinging her all around the pool. There were some other girls in the pool (who were a little bit older) and they wouldn't really play with her....they kept swimming into the deep end where she couldn't go. Waaahhh! She looked like a forlorn little puppy and it about broke my heart. I jumped in the pool to play with her and she was so funny. After I had been tossing her around and spinning in the water with her for awhile she said "Let's go show those kids how much fun we're having......hey look, Madison, hey, look at me, look at how much fun I'm having with my Aunt Mwary!" I almost tear up everytime I think about it....such a pitiful/sweet moment.

Saturday we just took it easy and I made a sock dog for her after dinner. I'm afraid my sewing abilities aren't so hot and the poor little doggie's appendages will get ripped off if she plays with it too hard but oh well, it looked cute and she was pleased. Wish I’d thought to take a picture of it.

Andrew and I left to go back home on Sunday afternoon and it was hard saying goodbye to her. This is not to say that the weekend went without incident, there were a few crying episodes, a little bit of whining and some bossing as well. Still, we had a great time and I love being Aunt Mwary.

* Jessica drew the picture above of course. Its shows the two of us outside “playing on a cloud.” Contrary to how it may appear I did not keep my niece on a purple leash this weekend. I think she just drew one really long arm.

| posted by Mary | 7/14/2003 06:21:00 PM
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