Monday, August 11, 2003  

The Beach Weekend

Had a lovely weekend at the beach. The weather cooperated most of the time, I finished two books, played in the water on a boogie board and stayed out of the sun. My, how my beach trips have changed since I decided I didn't want premature wrinkles/skin cancer! Time spend basting with oil and rotating on a towel has now turned into liberally applying SPF 45 on my entire body then putting on large sunglasses and a hat and sitting under an umbrella. Trips out to bask in the ocean are followed by another sunscreen application. And going inside for a few hours during the midday sun, instead of wigging out over missing "the best sun!" Yep, I'm pale and proud. And a lot more relaxed.

In between beaching and eating I got to watch cable television in the condo. Ooooo....cable television is a treat for me! When I moved into my own apartment after college I decided $50 a month was too much to pay for cable so I put some rabbit ears on my TV and called it a day. Three years later and still no cable. I can't justify the cost and (the real reason) if I had cable ALL I WOULD DO IT WATCH TV! ALL DAY! I turn into a major zombie whenever I visit family or friends and get to watch television. (remember Mike TV from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"?) Don't get me wrong, with my rabbit ears I am able to pick up all the basics - FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS. They're all there, just a little spotty sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time.

But this weekend - there were all the shows I had heard about..."Trading Spaces"...."While You Were Out"......"What Not to Wear"......the list goes on and on. And movies! Old movies! Music Videos! The Shopping Network! And infomercials! (pant! pant!) Who wants to read a book when you can watch "MTV True Life: I Want the Perfect Body"?

The weekend confirmed a couple of things that Andrew and I probably already knew. Umbrellas and sunscreen are good. The midday sun is bad. And we do NOT need to get cable television.

| posted by Mary | 8/11/2003 05:35:00 PM
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