Tuesday, August 12, 2003  

The Incredible Sadness of Pelvic Pain.

In my never-ending quest for better health I meet with a physical therapist this morning to start treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction. Quite a morning. I really liked the PT, she was very nice and I felt comfortable with her. She did a physical evaluation, lead me through some exercises and then we sat down to discuss next steps. Before I left she handed me a huge pile of literature to read over.....lots of info but one thing particularly stuck out to me.

This cracked me up. It's a pamphlet for the Vulvar Pain Foundation - a support group for women with, well....women with vulvar pain. All fine and good but holy crap....take a closer look at the women on the cover of the brochure:

Could this be any sadder looking?!? She walks alone in a vast plain of blankness.....head downcast and hands in her pockets. There will be no joy in her life, as she suffers from pelvic pain. Sigh........

The Vulvar Pain Foundation could really use a new mascot. Here's my suggestion:

Vulvar Pain Woman to the rescue! Hoorah!

| posted by Mary | 8/12/2003 04:57:00 PM
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