Wednesday, August 06, 2003  

Ruffled Feathers

Ugh, I don't want to go home tonight. When I went home yesterday for lunch I noticed there were several feathers scattered across the courtyard, as I walked to my door. Then I got to my front door and there were feathers everywhere - all over the mat, stuck to the doors, in all my plants and then...I noticed feathers and blood on top of the air conditioning unit. Accccck! I ran inside and called Andrew "There's feathers everywhere! A pigeon flew into our air conditioner! There's a dead pigeon in there! I don't want to clean it up! Acccckk! I don't even want to look!"

Andrew assured me that there was no way a pigeon had flown into our air conditioner, which sits enclosed in a lattice box, supposedly pigeon-proof. He thinks that a cat probably got it and drug it off. Still, I wasn't taking any chances on finding a dead mangled bird so Andrew promised to clean it up when he got home. Which wasn't until about 10:00 pm. And he wouldn't clean up the pigeon in the dark. This morning I averted my eyes when I left the apartment. So now I've heading home to our feather-strewn front door, hoping I won't find a corpse.

What a nice welcome.

| posted by Mary | 8/06/2003 05:45:00 PM
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