Monday, August 18, 2003  

What a Feeling.

This weekend I caught up on my sleep, brunched with friends, went to a Braves game, looked at houses and.....watched "Flashdance"!

I recently made a list of "movies I always meant/wanted to see" and embarrassingly enough, "Flashdance" made the list. What can I say, I like the 80s and I like it when people break out into dance.

It was pretty cheesy, but in the best possible way. Andrew had teased me for renting it but even he couldn't tear himself away from some of the ridiculous gut-busting dance scenes. Still, I admired Jennifer Beals - she could dance her tail off! But one scene really bothered me, the final dance scene - the audition for the ballet school. She leaping and Jazzercising all around the place and then she plops down in front on the judges to breakdance. And you can tell that it is so not Jennifer Beals. Or even a female breakdancer. It is a dude.

And then I find out that Jennifer Beals didn't do any of the dancing - three different "dance doubles" did, including Crazy Legs, a breakdancer from NYC.

It's been a really slow day here at work. I'm working on a marketing report that is so dull I kept finding my eyes glazing over. I need a Work Double, someone that could sit here and peppily type away on the report. (while I take a nap under my desk)

| posted by Mary | 8/18/2003 05:32:00 PM
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