Monday, September 08, 2003  

Funny Guy

Tomorrow is Andrew's last day at his old job. Earlier today he was cleaning out his email inbox and kept shooting me funny old messages, our correspondence from the past year and 1/2 that he worked there. Some of them cracked me up. My favorite was this one from last August, his response to my whining about not having money for fall clothes (this is a recurring theme).

From: Mary Harris
Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 3:04 PM
To: Andrew at Work (E-mail)
Subject: bleah

I am depressed because I have no money for fall clothes....I just started thinking about it earlier this morning.... am overwhelmed at the idea of finding a few extra bucks in my budget....maybe I could eat beans and rice for a month? Somehow I always manage to get stuff done and paid for (like bridesmaids dress, whatever) but then I'm always scrambling at the end of the month, dead broke with
$1.27 in my checking account. I hate this! xo- M.

From: Andrew Watkins
Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 1:24 PM
To: Mary Harris
Subject: RE: bleah

I hear paper bag clothes are going to be all the rage this fall. Very affordable. You have to do them right though. Here are some suggestions from your fashion guru:

1. Be careful when wearing prints. A vintage Harris Teeter logo screams one thing. A Piggly Wiggly logo says something entirely different.

2. Don't go overboard with accessories. The shabby chic look will go well with the clothes themselves, but taking the theme too far with something such as Kleenex box shoes is just going to look forced.

3. Give up on the opera. Rustling never went well with Pavarotti.

4. It's the Real Thing Baby!! Get clothes made only of real paper bags. While plastic may be cheaper, the look and feel just isn't quite the same. Besides, didn't the Crescent Avenue Gang do plastic last fall?

5. Stay away from open flames. A lighter or cigarette could do something nasty to your favorite mini.

6. And at the end of the season remember . . . Recycle!

My husband, a real wiseguy.

| posted by Mary | 9/08/2003 05:28:00 PM
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