Wednesday, September 10, 2003  

Just Joggling.

Yep, I learn something new everyday. Has anyone ever heard of joggling boards? I'm a Southern girl but had never seen this before. The interior design firm that I work for is using them at a new resort in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. I was reading over design details for a press release and..."joggling what?" I had to investigate.

According to local legend, the joggling board is credited as originating in Charleston, and was created for a lady who suffered from rheumatism. She was unable to exercise and one of her cousins in Scotland created the joggling board for her (so really, it originated in Scotland, huh?) was a plank of flexible wood about 16 feet long and 29 inches from the ground. The rheumatism sufferer was able to sit on the board and "joggle" around....doesn't sound like great exercise to me but I guess it beats sitting still.

A couple of other websites I looked at referred to the boards as "couting boards", stating that these were great for courting couples, who may start out sitting on opposite sides of the boards but the joggling would gradually bring them closer, sitting side by side in the middle of the board. So, it's a exercise machine and a dating tool.

I don't have a yard to put it in but now I want a joggling board.

| posted by Mary | 9/10/2003 04:02:00 PM
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