Tuesday, October 07, 2003  

Am I the only person.......

Who likes the super cheap Halloween candy that comes in the orange and black wrappers (see photo) and tastes like...either chewy peanut butter or chewy maple syrup? They taste like Sugar Daddys. Or Mary Janes. I'm not quite sure what the flavor is.

I would never actually seek this candy out and buy it myself but when presented with it....sure, why not? They’re nice and Halloweenish-looking, they don't taste bad (after you have a couple they're even kinda good) and they are so hard to chew I feel that they provide a tooth cleansing service as well. A sales rep brought in a huge tub of Halloween candy last week and all the mini candy bars, Starbursts, jaw breakers, etc quickly disappeared, leaving a sad pile of the orange and black candies. So every time I walk through the kitchen I take a couple. In fact, I'm chomping on one right now.

Actually I know I'm not the only person who eats these because someone else in the office is taking all the ones with orange wrappers. Which I don't really get because they taste exactly the same.

When I was of trick-or-treating age I used to love people that gave out Jolly Ranchers and miniature candy bars – Snickers, Milky Ways, Krackels, etc. I did not love people who handed out Tootsie Rolls. Or people who bought the mixed bag of Hershey’s bars and sometimes you would end up with a Hershey’s Special Dark. Bleah. That was the worst.

So.....what’s your favorite Halloween candy?

| posted by Mary | 10/07/2003 05:28:00 PM
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