Friday, October 17, 2003  


So here I am blogging from my brother's house in Richmond, Virginia. I've just finished putting my four year niece to bed, after reading from the "Amelia Bedelia Treasury", getting multiple hugs and kisses goodnight, getting her a drink of water, checking the closet for snakes (?), turning on two nightlights and being informed that her blankie is a "she" (as in, "I need her to sleep!").

After a week of working late, not going to yoga class, eating junky food and worrying about houses it is blissful to be here in the company of my little niece Jessica and my 1 and 1/2 year old nephew, the constantly smiling Nolan. I'm up here with my mom, we are doing a long weekend of baby-sitting while my brother and sister-in-law take a short vacation to D.C.

Sigh....Bid #2 on the house didn't work out so we are taking this as a "not meant to be" sign and moving on. Andrew is supposed to go out with our agent to preview nine houses this Sunday. Maybe it is nice to have a break from looking and thinking about it....this week has been too stressful.

But tomorrow brings more hugging and kissing and giggling and playing....we're planning to make chocolate chip cookies and take a trip to a park in the afternoon. Maybe if there's some downtime I'll pop in my new favorite chill out device - the Baby Einstein video. I'm not sure what is so soothing about images of floating jellyfish and tumbling blocks and hearing "Humpty Dumpty" sung in Spanish but somehow it works.

| posted by Mary | 10/17/2003 01:04:00 PM
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