Monday, October 06, 2003  

Halloween Plans?

While driving back from Chattanooga yesterday Andrew and I started talking Halloween costumes. Our friend Mike normally throws a big Halloween bash at his house. Last year we were the Fashion Police (me) and a Fashion Victim (that would be Andrew). I wore a chic all-black cop ensemble and Andrew wore plaid pants, striped shirt, polka dot tie, etc. This was more of a personal joke for us (Andrew considers me to be a fashion Nazi) than a great costume but people that knew us well seemed to get a kick out of it.

If only they knew how difficult it had been to get Andrew to agree to a costume. Every idea I suggest gets shot down, every year. A sampling from yesterday's conversation:

"What about Colonel Sanders and a Chicken? You get an old white suit and stuff a pillow down your front and...."


"A dominatrix and a beat-up business man?" (tried this one last year and he wouldn't go for it)

"No." (shot down again)

" about...I could be a geisha and you could be a piece of sushi?"

"Nuh uh"

"We could get Greg and Natalie to go in with us and we could all be members of KISS!"


"Uh....what about a cow and a cowgirl?"


(starting to get desperate)

"We could be....mimes! Yeah, dead mimes that someone killed! You know, wear black and paint our faces and you could paint a big wound on your head and I could paint on a slashed throat!"


So. We haven't heard anything about if Mike is having his party this year or not but if he does then we are prepared. Dead Mimes, that's us. Is that at all funny or just sick? I'm not sure.......

| posted by Mary | 10/06/2003 02:58:00 PM
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