Tuesday, October 28, 2003  

Halloween Sweets

So.....moving on to the Halloween party I'm attending this Friday. We've got our mime costumes all sorted out but I'm still deciding what food item to bring. I went all out last year - monster heads with guacamole brains, pig-in-a-blanket witch fingers and the piece de resistance: a giant cream cheese rat on a silver tray (complete with beady red eyes and almond sliver claws). But this year I'm feeling a little lazy. Okay, a lot lazy.

But I still want to make something fun so I'm trying to decide between spider cupcakes (similar to the one's that Not Martha did last year but with chow mein noodle spiders instead of piped icing) or - and I haven't seen a photo of this but it sounds good: Edible Eyeballs - you take a doughnut hole, stick a blue or green Lifesaver Gummie on it (iris) then a chocolate chip in the middle of that (pupil) and then use red gel icing to create a blood-shot effect.

Of course the Nutter Butter ghost cupcakes pictured above a pretty neat too. But then, they are more cute than scary/gross...

Decisions decisions.....

| posted by Mary | 10/28/2003 05:38:00 PM
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