Wednesday, October 01, 2003  

The House Hunting Continues.

I've been a little bummed out this week because nothing has worked out with the house we want to buy. We offered, they countered, we offered again and now they are holding firm at their price. Which, according to our agent, is an overpriced price. Sigh.......

We're going to start looking again and still keep our eye on the house. I'm hoping that if we haven't found something else and its still for sale in a month or so that maybe the sellers will reconsider our offer, or least lower their current price.

Our agent has been emailing me listings to possibly go and look at and I can't seem to get excited over any of them. I really love the house we wanted to buy but now that we don't have it it seems even more perfect. How annoying is that?

I'm trying to be philosophical about the whole thing..."If it is meant to be it will work out" and all that but part of me feels like throwing myself on the floor and having a tantrum..."Buu...but....I wanted this hoooouuuuse! Waaaaaah!"

| posted by Mary | 10/01/2003 05:56:00 AM
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