Thursday, October 09, 2003  


A few weeks ago Andrew took me to Yum Yum Thai for a celebratory birthday dinner. The food was great and the ambiance was lovely but what really impressed me was the line of little waving cats they had sitting by their cash register. So cute! I told Andrew I needed a waving cat on my desk at work.

That was a few weeks ago and I had since forgotten about it. But then yesterday I opened the new Budget Living and lo and behold - there was a whole article talking about Maneki-Neko, the little waving cats that I had seen! Apparently they are a traditional good luck figurine in Japan. From what I read, a Maneki with its left paw raised invites customers (or people) into your store (or home), while a raised right paw invites money or good fortune.

So not only are these cats cute but they're lucky as I really want one!

| posted by Mary | 10/09/2003 08:36:00 AM
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