Friday, October 24, 2003  


There is a woman at my firm who, although she could be very nice at time, was generally a huge pain in the arse. She berated the underlings who worked on projects with her and was constantly making other people do her work. A friend of mine at work was sometimes reduced to tears after spending 16 hour day working with this woman. She is the only person I worked with here who has ever made me feel really really angry. And then a few weeks ago I heard she was leaving the firm! Happy day! And then I heard that, actually, she had been let go. This is a big big deal at my company, an interior design firm that has associates who have been working here for 20+ years. Associates just don't get let go.

Today is her last day and I have this overwhelming sadness every time I pass her office. I keep thinking how incredibly hard it would be to leave the only company you've ever worked for (and for over twenty years) and have to find something new.

And now I feel bad for ever having evil thoughts toward her. (they weren't that evil...but still) Why is it that sometimes the thing you think you'd enjoy just makes you feel bad instead?

| posted by Mary | 10/24/2003 09:31:00 AM
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