Monday, October 20, 2003  

Time Doesn't Fly When You're Aunt Mwary

I'm back from my little sojourn as Aunt Mwary the Babysitter....had a great time with the little ones but I am happy to be back to my normal life.

Although I really look forward to having children in a few years and I definitely want to be a stay at home mom I have a new concern that surfaced during this baby-sitting weekend. The days passed so slowly! It was incredible. I had always thought that the day must just zoom by because you're so busy with baby stuff, cleaning the house, etc but instead I kept finding myself looking at the clock and thinking "Holy's only 9:30? 9:30?!?! I thought surely it must be 1:00 at least (i.e. almost nap time). I've already fixed six juice cups. We've already swept the kitchen floor like, ten times. And only three hours have passed since we all woke up and started this day?"

For the moms out there....was this the case for you? Or did the days just fly by? My mom was there with me this weekend and she kept laughing at how exhausted I was. She said that when my brothers and I were younger that the days were fun but from 3:00 in the afternoon until dinnertime felt like an eternity.

And I don't mean they passed slowly like you had all this free time to read or whatnot...we were busy every second.

Suddenly my gig as a Marketing Coordinator doesn't seem nearly as taxing.

| posted by Mary | 10/20/2003 08:29:00 AM
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