Tuesday, November 04, 2003  

Big News.

We have a contract on a house. Whaaa? One minute I'm whining that we will never find "the perfect house" and then bada-bing, it pops up right down the street from the one we had previously tried to buy! This all started over a week ago, we were so upset that things didn't work out with the house we tried to buy....and then a house four houses down from it went on the market, we thought the price was a little too high for us but decided to look anyway (just for comparison)...and then we saw it and loved it. Talking to our mortgage agent we realized that the payments would still be in the range that we had originally set. Huh. You mean we could actually maybe buy it? We starting seriously thinking about it..."Should we? Is this meant to be?".....we made an offer, they countered, we countered and they said yes and signed the contract last Friday. I am in total shock that this actually all happened and that we are going to (hopefully) get a house that we both love. And to everyone that said, "just wait, you will find something better than that first house" - you were all absolutely right.

We have our home inspection on Thursday and if it all goes well then hopefully come mid-December we will be homeowners! Gaaaaaah! Shock! Joy! Color Schemes! Mortgage payments! Furniture buying! How will I ever being able to concentrate on anything else?

Here's the front. A brick ranch, built in 1970.

I am in love with the front doors.

The backyard. Not too big, not too small and they owners did a great job landscaping. There are beautiful old trees and plants. Let's hope Andrew and I don't kill everything.

The wonderful sunroom off the back of the house.

You know, the next few months of this blog could border on house obsession.....I'm just warning you.......

| posted by Mary | 11/04/2003 06:04:00 PM
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