Thursday, November 20, 2003  

On the TV.

All the girls gathered at Natalie's last night to watch the dramatic conclusion of The Bachelor. Oh boy. We went back and forth thinking it was Kelly wait, it's, Kelly Jo! Oh, the anguish! And then the total cop-out....Bob offering Estella a big honking diamond "promise ring." Bah.

Oh was fun to watch. GPSs (Guilty Pleasure Shows) are so much better when you're not watching them alone. We've watched American Idol, Joe Millionaire and The Bachelor together and it's always so much fun...trash tv + wine + roomful of girls = some pretty funny commentary.

In other tv news....I was thrilled to see this yesterday: The Family Guy might be making a comeback! Holy Crap! Oh, Andrew and I would be so happy! I never understood why it went off the air in the first place....such a great show. All three of the previous seasons are available on DVD/VHS now but...and this is maybe a little embarrassing....Andrew and I couldn't wait that long. Two years ago (before it was available for purchase) I found a guy on Ebay who was selling vhs tapes of every episode, he had recorded them all (even edited out the commercials!) and was selling dupes for about $60. I bought one for Andrew as a Christmas present and we have watched it over and over and over again. The quality is pretty bad so we've been contemplating buying the dvds but for $60 it was money well-spent. Whenever we feel like lazing around and there is nothing fun on tv (which is most of the time) we can pop in a Family Guy episode and we're happy people.

Now if only Dr Katz would make a comeback as would be perfect.

| posted by Mary | 11/20/2003 10:17:00 AM
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