Wednesday, December 03, 2003  

Now the Obsession Can Really Take Over.

It's official, we're homeowners. The closing went surprises or anything. I tried not to hyperventilate when I thought about the amount of money the house would actually cost over a 30-year period.....holy cow. But I am now even more excited than before (if that's possible) and can't wait to get in the house. And now that everything is signed and done Andrew has relaxed a bit and even starting talking about paint colors, decorating, etc.

So much to think about. Such as.....

Plans for Painting

Oooo...I'm looking forward to this! Even though the house is in great shape and most of the paint/wallpaper that's in the house isn't bad, we're still planning to repaint most rooms to make it feel like it's now our house. Some of the rooms I think I've settled on the color....some of them I'm not so sure and then there's the kitchen, which is totally throwing me for a loop.

Den - pumpkin-colored walls. Very excited about this.

Guest bedroom - chocolate-colored walls (to offset the painted-white furniture)

Master bedroom - a coffee-with-cream sort of color

Master bath - not sure....maybe the same color as the bedroom? Or maybe a blue?

Office - something neutral with one wall featuring a large square spot painted with magnetic paint (my future idea board) in a bright color like turquoise or hot pink. (will have to convince Andrew that hot pink is not unmanly)

Hall bath - not changing a thing, it's a fantastic shade of green.

Dining room - maybe a deep blue or aubergine...?

Library (we're turning the formal living room into a library) - not sure on this....maybe a deep red or aubergine or a brownish color.

Hallway - not sure

Foyer - depending on library and dining room (two rooms that will not be happening for a long time so plenty of time to figure this out)

Kitchen - Oh boy. This is the one that has me stumped. Our kitchen is not bad...actually, it is cute in a retro sort of way (which works with my tastes). It's a large space, everything is in great shape, the cabinets are painted a cream color and the floor is a cream tile but the countertops and backsplash are a weird mauve sort of color. It's not hideous, it's just.....mauve.


But whatever, we can't afford to start ripping apart the kitchen right now so mauve it is. I just can't figure out what color to paint the walls, something that will coordinate with the existing mauve. Right now the walls are papered with a fruity floral cranberry-background. Not bad but a little grandma-esq. I want to change it but am not sure what coordinates with mauveish tones. Green? Yellow? Cranberry?

These are the things keeping me up at night.......

| posted by Mary | 12/03/2003 05:26:00 PM
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