Thursday, December 04, 2003  

Packing...Moving and Oh Yeah, Christmas.

Was just over at Sam Flax buying art supplies for work and secretly browsing Christmas cards as well. I love the ones from Rock Scissor Paper....such great designs. A little pricey but the best-looking cards I've seen. The "mod ornament" one pictured above is the card Andrew and I sent out last year.

I had planned to design our cards this year but with deadlines at work and our Big Move looming ahead...I don't think it's going to happen. My plans for sending out a 2nd annual holiday mix cd are also being put aside for next year...just too much to do. I feel so unChristmasy....I need something to get in the holiday spirit.

Making my all-time favorite Christmas cookie and watching my copy of "A Charlie Brown Christmas".....that ought to do it.

| posted by Mary | 12/04/2003 08:04:00 AM
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