Friday, January 30, 2004  

The Birthday Boy.

Today is Andrew's 30th birthday. He doesn't make a big deal about birthday (like I do) but I still think turning 30 is pretty special. In honor of the birthday, here's 30 things I love about Andrew. (in no particular order)

1. He knows how to have fun.
2. He taught me not to be a beer snob.
3. He knows how to cook damn good chicken.
4. He never gets mad at me for stealing his t-shirts to sleep in, even though he can never find a clean one in the morning getting dressed for work.
5. He does a hilarious impersonation of Animal singing "Wild Women Don't Get The Blues." (Wild women! Wild women!)
6. He also does a great Thurston Howell impersonation.
7. He is easily made happy, just needs a bathtub full of warm water, a drink and a good book.
8. He keeps making me take off my shoes in the house so I don't ruin the floors.
9. He thinks I am a great cook.
10. He is sensitive enough not to make fun of me when I cry at "The Muppet Movie" (Kermit singing "Rainbow Connection gets me every time)
11. He knows how to fix anything.
12. He is an eternal optimist.
13. He is a good hugger.
14. And an even better kisser.
15. He always encourages me to spend time with my girlfriends. ( I think he is just grateful he doesn’t have to watch “The Bachelorette” with me)
16. He loves to read, almost as much as I do.
17. He always laughs at our dumb little private jokes.
18. He got me to start going to church again.
19. He has gotten a lot more romantic than he was on our first date when he picked me up and told me “I haven’t put much thought in this. What do you want to do?”
20. He always greets me cheerfully when I come home from work.
21. He daydreams about our future child, who will be both bookish and punk rock, according to him.
22. He swears that a teacher once told him that the “g” on the end of words was silent and he had speech therapy as a child because he said things like “Want to play pin pon?”
23. He claims he is not a social creature but he can always hold his own at a party.
24. He isn’t scared of anything.
25. He is kind and loving to animals, little children and the elderly.
26. He has a generous spirit and will always give a guy on the street a buck or two or his takeout that he’s carrying or whatever he has.
27. He hardly ever leaves the toilet seat up anymore.
28. He sends me funny little emails during the day.
29. He can always make me laugh.
30. He loves me just the way I am.

| posted by Mary | 1/30/2004 11:22:00 AM
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