Tuesday, January 20, 2004  

Career Musings on a Cold Day in Georgia.

Last week I posted about my boss taking a new job and how upset I was over it. I also wondered if I'm making a mistake staying here or if I should be looking for something else. The closer it gets to my boss's last day the more I wonder what I should do. If you've been in a job for three years and it started out creative and interesting and you were challenged by all the work but over the past two years you don't feel challenged so much as just overwhelmed...it is time to look for a new job?

It's sort of like the honeymoon period wore off and now I'm faced with the daily drudgery of my position. I think maybe looking for another job is like fantasy escape of not having to catch up here...I could leave behind all the mountains of filing I need to do, the projects I need to follow up on, the deadlines that I can't make. But I guess it's not realistic to think another job won't have the same problems.

How do you know when it's time to move on?

| posted by Mary | 1/20/2004 05:17:00 PM
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