Thursday, January 15, 2004  

Skirt Stalking

About two years ago I went out shopping for an outfit to wear to a midafternoon summer wedding. It needed to be perfect, as many old friends, an ex-boyfriend, people from a past life, etc would be there. I searched high and low for the perfect outfit but came up short. Until I ventured into Club Monaco and found it, a strappy white nylon tank paired with a 50s style white and yellow circle skirt. The skirt fit perfectly, it was demure yet sexy, perfect for an afternoon wedding. The only problem, the skirt was full retail price, over $100. Which is a lot to pay for a cotton skirt. And I was brought up to never pay full price for anything.

I went ahead and bought the skirt. Then I walked around the mall looking for shoes...a nagging feeling in the pit of my inner voice chiding...."You spent too much on that skirt! What would your mother say? Can't you just wear something you already have? Can't you be more practical?"

With my head hanging low, I returned the skirt. I spent $20 on a new necklace to perk up an old dress that I already had. The day of the wedding came and went. All was fine. But every once in a while I would think "I should have kept the skirt."

Here's where Ebay comes into the story. I typically search for the same things over and over - "Shoshanna"..."vintage circle skirt"....."Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress"....."J Crew weekender jeans".....and every once in a while "Club Monaco skirt". I was convinced that one day the yellow and white skirt would surface. And it finally did last week....the perfect summer skirt in exactly my size. And now I have bought it for a fraction of it's original price.

The moral of the story: You may have to wait for two years but you never have to pay full retail price for anything.

| posted by Mary | 1/15/2004 08:53:00 AM
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