Monday, February 02, 2004  

Job Search

I've started looking around for a new job, just browsing listings and looking at company websites.

I think I'm a lot pickier now than I was three years ago.

Automatic disqualifiers include:

No pr/advertising agencies

No start-up companies

Nothing that includes answering a phone as part of my duties

Nothing that says "must be flexible, able to work nights and weekends"

I seem to be a weird place now where all the great jobs that I see are either wanting 7-10 years experience or are entry level. I'm right in between with about 4-5 years experience.

There's a company that I've thought many times would be a dream place to work....every few months I would check their job postings...never had anything and now suddenly there is a position available. Something that I would have loved to have had as an entry level job. But I don't think I could go back to an entry level salary.

What I'm really looking for is a job where I work less and make more money.

This could take awhile.......

| posted by Mary | 2/02/2004 09:54:00 AM
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