Tuesday, February 10, 2004  


Hmmm.....no blog since Thursday. You may wonder what I've been up to......


Had a phone interview for a prospective job. Set up an appointment for a real live in-person interview. Had lunch with my mom at a Thai restaurant where my standard dish, Cashew Chicken, turned out to be something that tasted like boneless hot wings served in one half of a giant pineapple. Bizarre. Spent the rest of the day getting groceries, doing laundry and getting our house ready for Andrew's parents to visit.


Made Blueberry-Stuffed French Toast for my mom-in-law and dad-in-law and then we all spent about six hours stripping wallpaper off our master bedroom. We now have one room that is almost wallpaper-free. Yay! (thanks Vicki and Lee!)

Saturday Night.

Attended a bachelorette party for Jenny, who greeted me at the door in a pink boa and tiara, clutching a giant penis sippy cup in her hand. There were a ton of girls there for the party, mostly younger sorority sisters of mine. At one point I looked around the room and realized I was the oldest person there. Then someone pointed out I was the only married person there. So I had to represent and prove that old married girls can still hang. I came in second place in a game involving a raw hot dog and a pair of pantyhose....I think that sufficiently proved my case.


Went to church and had lunch out at Mary Mac's. Wished the parents a safe trip back home and then sat on the sofa reading "Running With Scissors", the bookclub book that I selected for this month. Love it.


Spent the whole day convinced that everyone at my office knew I had a job interview scheduled for Tuesday. "Was it just me or did our office manager seem to be avoiding me?.....why is the temp receptionist looking at me like that...?" Massive guilt makes me paranoid and nervous. Picked out my interview clothes, cleaned up my portfolio and went to bed.

This Morning.
Had an interview with a local nonprofit organization, interviewing for a job that I'm a little overqaulified for. It would be pretty different from my current position....nothing too glamorous or even especially creative but it would be a much better location (five minutes from our new house), better hours (getting off work at 5:00 everyday with no commute), about the same pay and less stress. I would be managing an on-site resource bookstore as well as helping with general duties in the communications department, designing flyers, helping with event planning, etc. I sat in the interview this morning trying to think of a diplomatic way of saying I want to work fewer hours than I am now but without making myself sound lazy. That's a tough one. I felt like everything thing went well....now just waiting to see what they come back with.

In between getting up early this morning to prepare for the interview, coming in late to work and running out during my lunch hours to hurriedly mail thank-you notes I now remember that looking for a job is pretty tiring. And this business about it being easier to find a job while you have a job, that my be true but it's certainly not easier on your conscience. Still feeling guilty....ugh.

| posted by Mary | 2/10/2004 03:01:00 PM
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