Thursday, March 11, 2004 and two and front and back......side grapevine!

Bleah. I have been feeling so out of shape, slow and sluggish lately. I've been having a hard time finding the time or the motivation to exercise.

Actually, there should be plenty of motivation, new spring clothes, bathing suit season approaching (gaaaah), the Peachtree Road Race just four months away........but I can't seem to get myself moving. And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, that starting today I will be........ Jazzercising. (picture me doing "jazz hands" and bugging my eyes out as I say that)

I found out that there are two nearby churches offering Jazzercise programs, with classes at 6:00 almost every day. With my new work schedule I could make a 6:00 class so no excuses there. There's no sign-up fee, you can sign up or drop out at any time and the cost is $34 a month for unlimited Jazzercising.

I actually went to a couple of Jazzercise classes with my mom a little over a year ago. They were pretty fun, not so complicated as to be intimidating but still a good workout. Jazzercise combines dance moves and aerobics, so you get to hop around to current pop music and pretend you're not exercising, just dancing. I enjoyed the classes I took with mom but the class attendees were pretty funny. They were almost all overweight middle-aged women who would talk loudly in class about what they were going to go do after class. "Who wants to go our for dessert and coffee after class?" "Ooooh, let's go get cheesecake again!" That kind of thing. I thought it was so funny.

My first Jazzercise class is tonight and here's hoping no one tries to talk me into going out for Krispy Kreme after we finish exercising. My willpower isn't what it used to be........

| posted by Mary | 3/11/2004 09:33:00 AM
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