Monday, March 08, 2004  

Bachelorette Weekend.

This past weekend we all headed to our old college town (Milledgeville) for a little bachalortette fun. Natalie's wedding is only a few days away.....crazy! We were talking about our past bachalorette parties and how much things have changed. When our first girlfriend got married we went crazy with dirty gifts, booze, strippers, staying in a hotel, etc. Things have calmed down considerably since and now most of our friends say "I just want to have a girl's night where we all stay in and hang out." We tried to honor Nat's wishes but as the bride, she isn't entitled to call all the shots. In our circle bachalorette parties still have a little bit of a hazing quality, maybe because we're all grown-up sorority girls?

We kept things pretty tame for the most part. We knew that Nat would react badly to penis sippy cups, phallic headgear, etc so we left that alone. Well, almost....Nat's little sister (and Maid of Honor) made a special, uh, anatomically correct cake for the occasion. It was quite creative, utilizing a well-carved banana and plenty of flesh-colored frosting. We all laughed over it but not one of us ate a piece. Too realistic.

Trying to get in the spirit of things we had also rented a wedding-themed porno and like always, it played for about 10 minutes, the whole time everyone in the room is screaming "Acccccccccck! Nooooooo! Wha...what is that? What are they do.....Omigaaaaaaaad! Accccccccck!!!!!"

We compromised with spending the evening in at Kat's house and then about 10:00 we headed out to Cowboy Bills, a local country bar that we used to frequent. We told Nat she had to:

- Get a man to buy her drink. (easy)

- Dance with the oldest man she could find (I danced with him too and found out he was a WWII vet that lived at the local Veteran's Home)

- Dance with the youngest guy she could find (he was 22 and looked like he couldn't believe his luck)

- Dance with a man with the largest belt buckle she could find. (no problem there, plenty to choose from)

- Dance with a man in a cowboy hat (again, not a problem)

And a few others that I can't remember. There was no shortage of dance partners at Cowboy Bill's, we had a constant stream of men coming up to our table to ask for a dance. I danced with short men, tall men, old men, young men, men with thick Louisiana accents, men with giant belt buckles and cowboy boots, men that were polite and men that pratically humped your leg. By the time the bar closed at 2:00 am we were all danced out. We all had a great time and I think we have made Nat thoroughly happy to leave the single life behind.

Some shots from the evening:

Outside our favorite place to eat when we were in college, The Brick.

Of course the bride has to have a veil! This one has been passed on from one bachalorette party to the next.

Nat gets a look at her anatomically correct cake.

Self portrait of me and Allie in Kat's kitchen, getting ready to go out the door.

Much like this photo, the evening got a little blurry as time wore on.

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