Wednesday, March 24, 2004  

Now With More Brawn!

I read about this a few months ago and completely forgot about it until yesterday, when I was at the grocery store perusing the paper towel aisle. (now that I'm not working I actually have time to peruse things). I'm a die-hard Bounty girl but while I was searching for a roll of plain white Bounty (no prints! I like simplicity in my paper towels) I noticed that something was....different. The Brawny Man has had an Extreme Makeover.

On the left, 70s style Brawny Man, who I think kind of looks like a beefier John Holmes

On the right, new-style 2004 Brawny Man, who vaguely resembles Ben Affleck.

The isn't the first makeover Brawny Man has had. According to their website, Brawny has given him many slight changes over the past thirty years, from changing his parted in the middle hair to a side part, giving him blue eyes instead of brown (is Brawny Man wearing colored contacts?) and varying the color of his shirts. But this new Brawny Man is the biggest change yet.

The AJC had a good article about the makeover, including a poll where you can vote for "Which Brawny Man Looks...." sexier, smarter, brawnier, more in touch with his feminine side, etc.

I still love Bounty but I have to say that they've never provided me with this kind of amusement.......

| posted by Mary | 3/24/2004 07:29:00 AM
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