Tuesday, March 30, 2004  


Today I took a break from my usual routine, which involves doing housework while running to my computer every five minutes to see if anyone had emailed me back about a job and periodically picking up the phone and making sure it's working, since no one has called about a job either. Then I go back to folding laundry or emptying boxes or whatever until five minutes has passed and it's time to check email again.

But not today. Today I am a Gardener! Or rather, a weed-puller. Now that it is spring I have been venturing out into our yard and trying to figure out what to do. Andrew knows how to mow the grass and other than that we're both pretty clueless. My mom came out to our house last week to identify all our plants and trees and tell me what to do with them. We spent the afternoon planting some things, pruning some bushes, etc. We have a nice yard that's pretty well-landscaped but it needs some work. All of our little pine-straw beds were full of weeds. Mom said to wait until the day after it rains and then get out there and pull them out.

It rained last night and so that is what I did today. I am sad to report that after many hours of work and some very achey muscles in my arms, I have only finished three beds (there's about 12 more to go). We have a very weedy yard.

But what surprised me even more - we have a very wormy yard. Holy cow. Almost everytime I dug my little garden claw into the ground to yank out a week I came up with a squirmy pink worm. They were everywhere! And each time I ripped one out of it's nice little tunnel in the ground I felt terrible. So then I'd try to find a nice spot to put the worm back in, while it's wiggling around looking all disoriented. I also started trying to dig more carefully, so not to damage any worms, although mom reminded me that they will just regenerate if cut in two so I guess I did really have to worry about that.

Exciting day out in the yard, yep. Just me and the worms.

| posted by Mary | 3/30/2004 07:43:00 AM
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